THE CHANGE I DESIRE by Gloria Odurukwe

5000 FOR THE UNEMPLOYED; not the solution to eradicating Poverty

I believe the government should answer some of these questions before going ahead.

a). How many poor people do we have in Nigeria?
b). Where can we find them?
c). How do we identify them?
d). What are the limits?
e). How long will this programme last?
d). What happens to the families after it ends?


#5000 based on the Nigerian economy can bearly provide food for a large family.

The Government should strengthen the Social welfare services and use them across the states to locate, and assist the poor.
Social welfare services is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria. its main components are
family and Child Welfare
Counselling & Corrections
Care of the elderly.
This will help the beneficiaries go through an orientation programme which involves a specific period set for financial assistance in which they are equipped and expected to become independent of Social Welfare.


Employment generation is a primary economic development goal of every industrialising nation. More jobs generally mean more economic activities, more tax revenues for the government and less idle time. Job growth permits the expansion and improvement of public goods and services, leading to an improved quality of life and enhanced prospects for future employment growth.

The NDE(National directorate on Employment) had created various programmes in the past, which failed to achieve their purpose e.g Operation Feed the Nation( 1976), Youth Empowerment Scheme (2002), National Economic and Empowerment Development Strategy(2004) and many more.

How then can we make these employment programmes work?

These questions can only be answered by developing and implementing a national employment program that is relevant to our socio-economic milieu.


1. The program should aim at providing marketable skills i.e skill acquisition.
2. The program should be able to provide start-up capital (form of cash or equipment).
3. The program should encourage public work programmes i.e labour intensive jobs.


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