“Capacities are not the same as capabilities. We have lots of capabilities; but we need capacities,”

……………………..Carlos Lopes, United Nations Under-Secretary General and Executive Secretary of Economic Commission for Africa.

Developing Africa is not the sole responsibility of one man or institution, it requires the concerted efforts of all stakeholders with good intentions and interest in the region, working in collaboration for the common good.

And, so all should and must be encouraged to play their part Through the use of their knowledge, skills and experience; Contributing in ways they know how to, but positively.

Whether by discussions that proffer practical solutions or by advocacy, and mobilising the people;

It could be through organising events that touch on the key issues;

Or through remittances; Investing in the continent is another great way to impact Africa as this creates the much needed employments especially for the rising young population; and others are quite satisfied with volunteering – mentoring, teaching or training;

At the heart of this lies the critical individual concern for economic interest and personal safety . This is very important and there is nothing wrong with (people that hold) such views.

As charity, they say, begins at home and therefore, if I must give I should at least have. True?

Currently, there are only about 20,000 scientists and engineers serving the 1 billion African population However Africans, Africa needs about 2.5 million scientists and technicians to ensure it achieves sustainable development.

Meanwhile, USD$5.6 billion is been spent annually to recruit over 100,000 non-African expatriates.

What then is the role of the Africans in the Diaspora? And what would you do as an African Professional?

You have a key role to play. Yes!

Why not share your knowledge and contribute where you have a BIG say and unlimited opportunities?

And because bridging the knowledge gap is a key solution, we encourage all to come and do what they know how to do best

Let us help to turn the tide around by taking action now, this minute to achieve a Developed Africa

We invite all Africans, Diaspora Africans and friends of Africa to come together.

It is time for selfless service to achieve the Africa we all talk and dream about.



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