The Ideas Bridge Network is an Ideas Development community sponsored by the Focus on development Africa Initiative to engage the youth and middle aged in in depth  Research, positive and creative thinking leading to development of ideas that work. Topics of concern are raised and participants are invited to make meaningful contribution that will put forth solutions to imminent challenges and enhance human and economic development.

Also we take offer free ideation sessions for creative youth with innovative ideas, especially from the rural communities. We make your dream come true by developing your ideas into an accomplished reality. Our areas of interest include;

  • Education and Learning
  • Food and Water safety, Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Health Care
  • Information Technology
  • Energy and Power
  • Agriculture and Food security
  • Unity in diversity
  • Economic development

Our Ideation/Idea development sessions run for 12 weeks. To join, send an email to info@fodafrica.org

During Debates and discussions, Participants are expected to make contributions void of offensive and derogatory statements.



  1. Thank you Ekenna.
    In no time, we will raise such topics. Our posts are objective driven not just to sample opinions. Our first, Titled #THE CHANGE I DESIRE# gives participants the freedom to speak constructively on any topic they choose, focusing on enhancing economic development not just making complaints. We would love to hear from you on the ‘CHANGE’ topic.


  2. OK it’s time we begin to give our thoughts based on specifications as we cannot be gathering non-specific kind of thoughts. take for instance “what do you think about our universities”, “have our unity schools i.e Federal Government Colleges been rewarding”, “appraise our exam bodies (JAMB, WAEC, GCE, NECO)” all borders on tertiary education.
    In Agricultural sector, thought topics like “how productive is our research institutes”, “how inspiring is agric. related professions to our children”, “comments on export-import ratio of agro products” should be thrown.
    Petroleum sector. “a critical look on PIB”, “Local Content and it’s impact so far”, “media-petroleum synergy”, “is price regulation realistic”, “review on refineries” should be presented.
    Only if thought topics be thrown this way would perturbed minds be joggled to yield.
    Thank you

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